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Kymberly Foster Seabolt


Through amateur parenting, haphazard home improvement and the entertaining essays featured in her weekly column, Kymberly Foster Seabolt has proven she has the ability to connect with readers by tapping her years of experience in the fine art of being “a real person.” She is also outspoken, articulate, and “much taller than she looks on paper.”  

Since debuting in July 2001, her weekly column has delighted a diverse and growing readership. By weaving her special brand of humor with poignant, entertaining, and honest portrayals of parenting, marriage, and modern life, her work has found a home on refrigerator doors, bulletin boards, and desktops across the United States and Canada.

Her essays and features have appeared in numerous national and regional publications, including House BeautifulOld House ChronicleSalonThis Old House, and Baby Steps, among others.

Her credentials include serving as a staff writer for Old House Chronicle and hipMama magazines and weekly columnist for The Farm and Dairy and The Imperfect Parent

 She is also the author of "A Dog Scorned" (in "Bad Dog Chronicles," Brown & Brown, Eds., 2000).

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You'll rethink banishing Rex to the basement after you've spent a few minutes with Bad Dog! True Tales of Trouble Only a Best Friend Can Get Away With. This hilarious compendium of stories, shared by the offenders themselves, is guaranteed to make readers laugh out loud. Every dog lover will relate to the writers' well-earned pride in their accomplishments, and the damages incurred. 

Kymberly Foster Seabolt's  "Risk: A Dog Scorned" appears in "Bad Dog!" 

Regular Foster-Seabolt readers will recognize (and perhaps applaud) the dubious contribution of her "emergency back-up dog" (aka the sublimely stupid "Risk.")

 Bad Dog! has become a smash with Web Interactive, Websight Magazine, Yahoo Internet Life Magazine, and many others.

 The book is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Wiley, and other fine booksellers.

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Selected Publications

Life Out Loud, weekly column featured in the Farm and Dairy, Lyle Publishing, Susan Crowell, Ed. 

Little Attacks of Charm, Summer, 2000, House Beautiful Kitchens / Baths, Hearst Publications, J. Tolliver, Ed.

Chaos Theory, Sept. 2000, RAG Magazine, Beth Owen, Ed.

Raising Paranoia, July 2000, Mahoning Valley Parent, Amy Leigh Wilson, Ed.

Real Life Home Improvement Programming, June 2000, Old House Chronicle, Peter O’Shea, Ed.

Life in the Fast Food Lane, Fall/Winter 1999, RAG Magazine, Beth Owen, Ed.

Old House One Upmanship, 2000, Old House Chronicle, Peter O’Shea, Ed.

Getting There is Half the Fun, 1999, Old House Chronicle, Peter O’ Shea, Ed.

Boiler Blues, 1998, Old House

Chronicle, Peter O’ Shea, Ed.

Why Yes as a Matter of Fact it DOES take a House to Fall on me, 1998, Old House Chronicle, Peter O’ Shea, Ed.

Child, or Compassion, Free?, February 2000,, B. Lavender, Ed.

On the Fence, Baby Steps, March 2001.  Amy Tolliver, Ed.

Woman's Day, Thrifting For Fun and Profit

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